5 Nights in Slovenia (Day 2)

September 10th, 2018

Day 2: Ljubljana (Tivoli Park, Metelkova, Botanical Gardens)

We woke up early and went to a nearby cafe to get coffee for Adam, then we asked the guy at the cafe if they could recommend a bakery nearby. He directed us to OSEM, but they mostly sold freshly baked bread and not much of the savoury breakfast stuff. I did end up getting their croissant and Adam got their cheese bread. I also saw this cute wooden bike across from the bakery in front of an eco-friendly shop. Many people bike here and you can find bikes being displayed outside of some shops.



After having a quick breakfast, we decided to visit Tivoli Park, but there was not much to do there. We didn’t spend much time in the park as it was just a space for strolling about. We did find this cute building with a cafe inside, but it was closed. We decided to go to a nearby grocery store to get some snacks, in case we get hungry during the day. Sometimes you find unexpected things along the way, and the photo of the amazing gates below is one of them.



We went to a grocery store called, Spar and picked up some breadsticks, beet hummus, cider, beer and Manner waffles. There were a lot of vegan options in the store and I was very happy… I was tempted to buy many things I didn’t need. The alcohol here is also very affordable, which I’m not sure is a good thing, haha.


Then we went to a small squatter community area called, Metelkova which is known as an autonomous social and cultural centre. There is a lot of crazy artwork in this area and it makes a great spot for taking photos. We also passed by a beautiful seniors home nearby and they had this amazing mural on the wall.




This “skeletal” wall is my favourite in the area… it’s amazing.


So my legs were getting bit every night and so it was time for me to go to a pharmacy. The lady was very nice and friendly… I showed her my bites… she was a little shocked and felt bad for me. Then she recommended Fenistil, which did help a bit, but I couldn’t really tell anymore at this point. My nettle supplement was not doing much and Adam wanted me to take Benadryl, which I did when I was in Pula, but I still kind of resisted taking it… even though my legs were pretty swollen.


We went to eat lunch at Taman Organic. The waiter did not seem very friendly. We sat outside and after finishing our meals, a small piece of cement fell onto our table from above, which shocked us… but that was not the best part. We told the waiter as he came out to take our plates, but his reply was, “well, at least you’re alive”. After that weird and funny incident, we decided to walk to Špica, which was supposed to be their “fake” beach area in the city. We saw a lot of people sun tanning on the lawn chairs.



While wandering around, we saw some amazing vegetable gardens from peoples homes. After visiting Špica, we went to see the botanical gardens and it was just a small garden, but they had these amazing cacti and a small tropical greenhouse, which you need to pay a small fee to get in. We didn’t pay to see the greenhouse, as it was small and ever since our trip to Costa Rica, nothing can compare.



For dinner, Adam wanted to try this restaurant called Gostilnica 5-6kg, which is a pork restaurant. They also served vegetarian friendly pizza 🙂 We went to have lunch at a weird time, around 4:30/5pm? so we were lucky to get a table. Apparently it’s a very popular restaurant and reservations are usually required, especially for dinner. The pizza was alright, nothing special, but it’s in a beautiful building and has really cute vintage decor.



Next stop: Bohinj

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