5 nights in Slovenia (Day 1)

September 9th, 2018

Day 1: Ljubljana

We took a ~5 hour bus to Ljubljana early in the morning by FlixBus from Pula. It was not so bad and it didn’t seem that long. Actually, I don’t really remember all that much, but we did have to go through security twice to show our passports. When we arrived, I was not expecting much even though I’ve been wanting to go to Slovenia for a few years now. I think it’s a beautiful country and I definitely fell in love with its small city charm. There is definitely some beautiful architecture and the city is very clean. These were the first two buildings we saw on the way to our Airbnb, that stood out to me the most.



I also noticed an amazing system for disposing plastic, glass, paper and residual waste! After dropping off our stuff at our Airbnb, we decided to walk around and get lunch. I had some vegan friendly places saved on my map, so we decided to check out Organic Garden 🙂 I got the vegan red dog and it was very good, especially with the pineapple, peach kombucha 🙂



We saw this amazing church across from the shop and it had these amazing doors. This is the church of St. Nicholas. It was completed in 1706!





Then we decided to walk up to the castle up on the hill. You can get a great view from the castle and they were having some kind of dragon festival, with live music, food and free entrance to the castle? There was a sign displaying the admission fees, but no one was paying and it seemed to be open for the public. Their green dragon reminded me of Dudley the dragon… if you’re Canadian or American, you might remember the show from the early 90’s :p



We sat down on a bench and listened to the music, then we decided to walk down the hill and explore more of the city. Apparently Slovenians love their ice cream, so you could literally find ice cream at almost every corner, and literally at every restaurant or bar.




For dinner, we went to Druga Violina, hoping to find some kind of a traditional Slovenian meal. It had good reviews online, so we just got in the short line and boy do they serve a lot of food for two people. Sorry for the blurry photo… I just wanted to start eating ASAP, haha. They definitely like their polenta and a ton of cheese. I could not request for no cheese, otherwise there would be nothing left on the plate XD I mean yes, I could have ordered other things, but I wanted to try their traditional dumplings. This also came with a large bowl of salad for each of us. This plate doesn’t look like much, but there’s a lot of food on there… very carb heavy. There was a couple sitting next to us who couldn’t even finish the plate. There is also a lot of buckwheat hiding under all that cheese and grilled vegetables. The food is also quite affordable here as this whole meal, for the both of us was only 24 euros.

IMG_1492 copy.JPG

Someone has been putting this sticker on all the crosswalk buttons throughout the city 🙂


I thought I could fit two days into one post, but I have too many photos. I will be blogging a lot the rest of this month… and as the blog posts continue, you will notice that I have become a half vegetarian/pescatarian… and so I need to go on a cleanse. My face was breaking out because of the amount of dairy/cheese I was consuming, since I haven’t had any of those two things for two years. I basically broke my veganism while travelling, which was unfortunate.


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