3 nights in Pula, Croatia

September 6-8, 2018

Day 1: Sleep

We arrived pretty late in the evening at our Airbnb on our first night. All we wanted to do was shower and sleep :p We decided to wake up early the next morning and start exploring 🙂 Our place was very close to the colosseum and you can get anywhere by walking. The weather during our 2.5 week trip was all very nice… pretty much sunny all the time. We did get a tiny bit of rain in Pula, but it wasn’t bad at all. We still went out and enjoyed our time there. It usually sprinkled a bit in the morning and the rest of the day was beautiful 🙂

Day 2: Explore and eat!

We decided to go to a vegan friendly place for breakfast, mostly for me… because Adam didn’t order anything for himself 😦 which I was kind of sad about. We went to Shanti RAW bite and I ordered a coconut milk iced coffee, and a mini burger. Adam basically watched me eat and tried some of the coffee. The coffee was a tiny bit grainy, but I really enjoyed it 🙂 We walked around for a bit, then we both got a croissant at a chain bakery called, Mlinar which you will find in some Eastern European countries as well.



There was a ~$10 fee to get into the colosseum, but we decided not to go in. You can see it clearly from the outside and we just didn’t feel the need to go in, as it should really be free, in my opinion. It’s one of the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the world and that was mostly why we wanted to visit Pula. We also noticed a lot of beautiful and interesting trees in the city. Some of them looked like a mix of different trees in one… like the photo below :p I also caught a family taking photos on the bottom right, haha.


There were some cute buildings, but we didn’t venture too far out of the city. On our second day, I believe we had breakfast from Mlinar again, but I honestly can’t remember 😦 So much has happened throughout the trip, that I am getting confused.

All I remember was going to Kantina for lunch and I had one of the best pasta dishes ever. It was a homemade pasta with truffles and truffle oil… it was amazing! It was also vegan! which I was very happy about… or maybe butter was involved, but I don’t think so… I think it was just the oil. We also ordered a side of roasted potatoes to share and Adam ordered a fish dish. Our waiter, Branko was also super friendly and was able to have short conversations with us, as it was not busy.


Adam ordered a local organic beer, which he liked and I just had a sip of it 🙂 There seems to be a lot of alcohol on our table, but the shots were complimentary and it seems to be a common thing to get shots after a meal, haha. Branko gave us shots of Mediska, which was honey lavender liqueur. I definitely could not have a shot, so Adam had the rest of mine as well… 😀


The colosseum can look more beautiful from a distance, as it’s hard to capture close up. We would walk by it often and one evening, we heard tourists or locals? belting out their own tunes. It was funny and cute.



There was also a church across, where we sat down on the steps for a short break as it was raining in the afternoon. I also spotted some beautiful flowers along the fence. There were also these beige fuzzy plants around the city… and I thought they looked really cute. They’re actually quite soft 🙂




For the evening, we wanted to go to a jazz club, so we searched for one nearby, but when we got there, the bartender told us that they no longer have performances there… which was disappointing. She gave us an address to Klub Kotač and so we decided to walk there. We got kind of lost… as we couldn’t really find the club, but we ended up going into an old community/school building and ended up meeting this guy named Damjen, who helped us out and he seemed very friendly. Apparently the club was in the building, but it was not open due to another concert being held outside of the city. Damjen recommended another club that supported local artists, called Klub Uljanic and we enjoyed the music there, even though it was varied in genre. It was a nice little adventure 🙂 The photo below was taken just outside of the doors to Klub Kotač :p There were jumping/dancing kittens along the side of that wall, haha.


Day 3: I ate a lot of fish…

We booked another Airbnb for our last night, although we loved the first one. I originally just wanted to stay here for all 3 nights, but Adam saw the photo of the bed and said, No :p It did look stiff and hard… but it wasn’t! 😀 I just thought the place was adorable and you’ll see why later :p

So we just wandered around the city and tried to look for things to do, but there really wasn’t that much to do. We were going to rent a scooter for the day, but they were out of scooters, due to the music festival that was going on. I wanted to go to an art gallery, but it didn’t really exist when we got there. I also started noticing a lot of mosquito bites on my legs… which was not at all pleasant. Knowing me, I get a bad allergic reaction and they swell up pretty badly.


One thing I noticed, was that there were ATM machines everywhere, so we had no trouble getting cash, although we didn’t have to spend much as it was quite affordable there. Then came the time for dinner.


So Adam wanted to go to this nice local restaurant Batelina, just outside of Pula in Banjole. I knew they served fish, but I didn’t know that everything was fish. Adam also did not say anything to me, and I just went along with it. The only justification I had was that it was all local, daily fish and it was a family run restaurant. Adam thought I would have left after seeing that platter of a variety of dead fish to choose from, but I stayed in my seat and just starred at him silently. I wanted us to have a nice dinner and I could tell he was excited and happy to be there, so I just ate all the fish… at least we had a choice of adding greens to the plate. They make a great cooked swiss chard with potatoes. The photo below is just a variety of appetizers. My favourite was the ceviche (the large plate on the left) and the fish skin chips (bottom right). This was a special birthday dinner gift to Adam 🙂 because I wanted to treat him to a place during our travels.



After dinner, we were not really sure how to get home… as we were kind of in the country side… where we couldn’t really find an Uber, so we started walking a bit and hopefully catch a taxi at some point. We walked by a church where there was a large group of people just singing and it was such a beautiful moment. They sounded very happy and it was just very heart warming.

Here is a glimpse of our Airbnb apartment on our last night 🙂



Next stop: Ljubljana, Slovenia💖


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