Killbear Provincial Park

Sunday August 19, 2018

Adam and I decided to check out Killbear Provincial Park, because neither of us have ever been. We did not look it up on the internet beforehand, so we were not expecting much, but this park is huge and it’s absolutely beautiful. There are huge rock formations throughout the park and you can even find people jumping off of them, into the water. This post is going to be filled with a ton of photos… just because it’s such a beautiful park. I can stay there all day. The photos do not do it justice.

Also, there are bears who live in this park, so there are signs warning you not to feed them… I did not see any though 😦

We decided to drive to Lighthouse Point, then walk the trails around there. They have many different “sights” to visit and I believe 6 camping grounds. There were many families camping at the park and it was just nice to see people connecting with nature.







I found some beautiful plant life, in between the rocks. The cute moss! Yes, moss is cute 🙂



Unfortunately, there was some graffiti, but I only saw this one while I was there.



After walking around Lighthouse Point, we decided to go to Harold Point, where the large granite rocks were. They were high up on a hill and this is where you can find people jumping off of them, into the water, about 2-3 stories high?

On our way there, we saw a cute little squirrel munching away 🙂



My camera wouldn’t focus on him for some reason 😦 All my photos were somewhat blurry, so here is a closeup from my phone :\


We finally found the rocks and you can also get a beautiful view of the water, and the beach. This is a large area and many people were sunbathing, or jumping off of the cliffs. I love this photo Adam took of me from afar 🙂 This is such a beautiful location for photos.




This was me taking a photo of people, watching other people jumping into the water :p




A closeup of the lichen, on the rocks 🙂



After walking around Harold point, we decided to look for the “Sunset Rocks” and “The Tree”. That is exactly what it says on the map and apparently there is a tree that kind of represents the park. We did not stay until sunset, but maybe next time, we can watch the sunset from these rocks 🙂




We will definitely visit this park again, and hopefully bring Duffy with us 🙂 I would also love spending the whole day here, just swimming and exploring.

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