Elora Gorge Conservation Area

Saturday July 21, 2018

It’s been a while since I made a post and I should have posted this back in July… oops. I decided to go on another solo hiking trip to the town of Elora. I didn’t know too much about Elora, but I originally wanted to see the famous, well Instagrammed, Elora Quarry. Unfortunately I did not plan my route correctly, so I did not have the time to make it there, instead I fell in love with the small town, filled with local shops and cute pets. But first, I decided to hike around the conservation area, but there honestly was not much to see, unless you were going to go tubing along the river.



I thought I could go out to town through the conservation area, but that was not possible… unless I’m wrong and there IS a way, other than the main road. I eventually ended up walking along the main road for about 25-30 minutes? I can’t remember anymore, but it wasn’t a very short or long walk, except it was quite hot and sunny that day, which was not very pleasant.



As I walked into the town, there was a small bridge leading to a ton of shops, filled with flowers. You’ll find this extremely cute shop called, Mermaid in Elora. They sell vintage door knockers, magnifying glasses, cards, canvas totes, pocket watches, and much more. You’ll also notice a lot of art installations in town, which caught me by surprise.



This was one of the installations by the bridge and it’s sad, because of all the plastic that has ended up in the ocean. I do not support buying water in plastic bottles, and we should all have our own reusable bottle. If you are afraid of not having clean water, there are bottles that contain water filters. But I do realize that in some countries, it may be hard to find clean water, in that case, there might not be an option, but we should always try and to not support the production of  bottling water in plastic.


I was on the way to a nearby church and came across this adorable cat! This is a super friendly cat… letting me pet him/her and brushing against me 😀 I wasn’t having such a great day, but when I saw this cute little ginger cat, my face lit up and everything seemed perfect at the moment, haha. There was also a black cat chilling on a chair on the porch of the owners house.




This was the church I was looking for, just a block away from the house.



This sculpture is called, “Bird Woman of Elora” by Holly Atkinson.


You will also find beautiful door knockers, like this octopus 🙂 The door is also in a beautiful shade of yellow. There is so much character in this town and I love it.


I decided to slowly walk my way back to the bus stop, but I was kind of tired, so I decided to sit on this extremely old bench in front of someones home. Then a dog came out walking towards me 😀 She was very adorable and stayed beside me for a while, until the owner came out to walk her.



There is even artwork on peoples fences!


Hope you enjoyed this post, filled with mostly photos 🙂 But next time, I should definitely visit the quarry and have a mini swim in there.



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