Christie Lake Conservation Area

So I decided to book a day trip with Park Bus, to go see some waterfalls west of Hamilton. The weather forecast did not look so great, so I kept on debating whether I would go or not. In the end, I decided to go anyway and I’m glad I did.

There were light showers when we arrived around 10:30am, but luckily they had shuttle buses that would drop you off near the falls. Of course, you had to walk through a trail to get to the falls, but it made the trip a little easier, since it started raining more and more. I went alone on this trip, since I’ve always wanted to see the falls.


The first stop was at Tew’s Falls 🙂 This is such a graceful looking waterfall. It’s more narrow than most and the water just falls elegantly to the bottom. I spotted some pretty amazing trees and most of them looked climbable. Even though the weather was not so great, as it was foggy, there is still something so beautiful about nature. I imagine it to be even more beautiful in August and October, when the leaves change colour. I need to go back :p After seeing the falls, I took the trail towards Dundas Peak, which was about 30 minutes away? I can’t remember.





IMG_0833When I reached to Dundas Peak, it was extremely foggy, but I can understand why so many people come here… the view is pretty nice, if only it was clear and sunny. There were some pretty plants in the area too. Unfortunately, people left some garbage up here and that really annoyed me. The garbage seemed to be hidden away as well, between the rocks on the side of the wall/cliff. There are essentially 3 good spots to take photos up here, you just have to walk around and go through small trails on the side. The view up here would look amazing in August and October as well :p





The trail between the 2 falls in the area has been closed off for construction or something, so we had to take the shuttle bus to Webster’s Falls. It was very close, and you could probably just walk/hike there. It started to rain a lot and I was getting soaked… I also did not wear the proper shoes for hiking… I thought about wearing my water resistant ankle boots, but no… I chose to wear my Toms canvas sneakers… I am so smart. We arrived near the entrance to the falls, but it was pouring, so I sat inside a small gazebo/resting area for lunch instead. I sat on a ledge made of rocks, while the rain fell against the grass and pebbles on the ground, hoping that the rain would pass soon.


I packed some food the night before, making it garbage-free as well! I used my reusable beeswax food wraps 😀

The beeswax food wraps are from Earthology! They have a variety of cute prints. I also packed some beet crackers and a homemade peanut, maple, chocolate Miffy/Nijntje cookie :p I truly fail at baking, so the cookie did not taste the greatest, but it’s cute 😀 After finishing my meal, it was still raining heavily, so I decided to read from my Kindle. Unfortunately the file of the book I wanted to read did not work 😦 and it took me a while to figure it out, after much frustration. I ended up continuing a book I was previously reading. As the rain started to slowly taper off, I decided to walk towards Webster’s Falls.

I did not follow the map, since I needed to go to the washroom first. I’m glad I didn’t, because there was clearly a much better view than what was indicated on the map. It wasn’t easy to capture a photo of these falls, since there were trees blocking the view from almost every angle. I met another hiker and we thought it would be a good idea to go under the fence and down the hill, to get a closer view of the falls. So I slid under the fence and slowly.. cautiously crawled down the muddy hill towards the bottom of the trail 😀 We are both pretty petite, so it worked, since there was literally just a tiny hole under the fence.



I walked around some more with my fellow hiker and we decided to try random trails/paths. We stumbled upon a row of daisy fleabane’s, which was really cute. Then I realized how chamomile and daisies look so much alike, but I can now tell the difference, thanks to Google Search :p

Chamomile pollen buds are raised higher, while the daisy have flat and tighter pollen buds (yellow centre) So fascinating! 😀

The photo on the left is a fleabane, but apparently there are different kinds… so this is a daisy fleabane 🙂

The sky has cleared up by now.

We took the shuttle bus back to the Christie Lake Conservation Area, planning to walk to the bakery nearby. Unfortunately we somehow got lost and I don’t even know how, because it looked super simple… we just had to follow the road, the shuttle bus came in from… apparently there were many different roads 😦 We were not able to make it to the bakery, since we had to be back at the parking lot for 5:00pm… BUT we did find CHRISTIE LAKE! :p Not too exciting, but it’s a great location for a barbecue.


and of course, the sun has come out and the sky has cleared up…


and the aftermath of my smart shoe decision.


Goodnight 🙂

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