I grew up being spoiled with good food, fresh food… homegrown food on my plate for almost every meal. To this day, I still get to eat homegrown lettuce my mom grows in the backyard garden. She also grows spinach, tomatoes, and we have a huge apricot tree. I remember getting the apricot tree, although I can’t remember from where… but it was definitely small… and now it’s probably 3+ metres taller than me.

My mom and uncle gardens every spring/summer. My mom does most of the gardening of edible plants and she definitely has a green thumb… I don’t think I do… although I’ve never truly planted something… other than the lavender that never grew or appeared in the front yard.


I have been able to eat all the freshly grown, organic lettuce for breakfast or lunch πŸ˜€ They’re so beautiful! I can just stare at them all day. I’ve grown to love plants more and more as I get older. A large part of it comes from learning about nutrition. I decided to study nutrition randomly out of the blue, over a year ago. It completely changed my view of food and how I eat. I’ve always had an interest in being healthy, but I never knew what the root of it was. Then the question of where our food comes from, why it is what it is… why it even looks a certain way, or how we can have access to such a large variety… amazes me.

This is a huge topic, agriculture, food, nature… everything links back to one another and if you’re like me, who is passionate about how food is grown, then you’ll understand how frustrating and ridiculous this industry can get. It truly baffles me and makes me question about how it has affected many generations.


I have a thought and maybe an idea, that a lot of the food most of us have been consuming, since being conceived, have a lot to do with our behaviour, thoughts, irregularities and allergies. I truly believe what we eat can change the way we feel and think. Is that crazy?? because I don’t think so… our body NEEDS vitamins and minerals. Where do REAL vitamins and minerals come from!? They come from nature… and there is a reason why there are food-based and synthetic-based supplements out on the market. The quality of the soil is often overlooked and fact is… our soil is slowly being depleted of many minerals that were once there, hundreds of years ago.

I can literally write an essay about the topic of food… because there are so many connecting factors. I try to eat local, seasonal and organic foods as much as possible, but you really can’t beat; lettuce being picked directly in front of your eyes. Nutritionally, the amount of enzymes you get from freshly picked lettuce, far outweighs the lettuce you get imported from another continent. Plants slowly die once they are being picked.

Wonder how your produce is being kept alive for such a long period of time? That’s another topic for another day πŸ˜€


Sorry for this super random post, but no… I’m not sorry because my blog is going to be random and filled with my thoughts πŸ™‚

Happy Friday πŸ™‚

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