Sunday June 10, 2018

I woke up before my alarm, which was set at 4:45am… I decided to get out of bed and record a time lapse on my phone, before the sun was actually rising. While I was up, I was also hungry… so I decided to have half of the mint chocolate macaron. I went back into bed and took a very short nap. I kept on waking up to check out the window, but I couldn’t fall back asleep, and I was not too tired, so I decided to go out onto the balcony to take some photos. I mostly just sat alone, listening to the birds, admiring the view.


While sitting on the balcony, I decided to record the sounds, with the beautiful sunlight coming in between the branches of the trees. Don’t worry, Adam did eventually join me for a short while, but we were not watching the sunrise in the correct spot… we were facing slightly more east. I had to go downstairs to take a better time lapse of the sun rising. Enjoy the 2 videos below 🙂

Here are some photos of the cottage we stayed at. It’s a beautiful, small cottage, with a very comfortable and cozy bed. The sheets were extremely soft and we both slept very well. The light coming through the windows, just make the place look even more beautiful and I love how the balcony faces the water.

IMG_0704 2IMG_0705 2

9c97a3ea-9ce4-499f-8e56-d3a50c7719aeWe had trouble once again choosing a place for breakfast? brunch? Anyway I was pretty hungry at this point, so anything was fine with me. We found a nice coffee place called, Cantook the other day, so Adam ordered a cappuccino from there. We walked around the area for a little bit afterwards, then headed to Le Hobbit. The food was okay there, nothing special. I did get hungry again after a few hours, while we were walking around the old city centre. Adam wasn’t really hungry, which I did not understand, haha. It was technically lunch time at this point, and I just wanted something quick and small. We went into La Maison Smith and I ordered a vegetable wrap, filled with hummus, spinach and carrots. Adam got a side of the orzo salad and we decided to get one of their date bars to share.

The wrap was surprisingly good, the orzo salad not so much. Adam’s mom makes one of the best orzo salads I have ever had, so nothing can compare to it. The date bar was a lot softer than I had thought, but Adam liked it.

66772a8c-590a-454b-a41c-1e75fe435480We ended up walking up to the Plains of Abraham… as we were slowly running out of things to do in the city. I spotted a cute little mole from the top of the hill… It was looking for food and Adam decided to go down the hill, by walking down. It’s a VERY steep hill… I was hesitant, but he held out his hand (I think), and well… who can say no to that -.- so I followed him down the VERY steep hill (clearly not meant for walking or rolling… or crossing). I had to get down on my hands and knees, haha. On our way down, we found the hole to the mole’s home! But of course, we did not get close to it, because who knows what will pop out of there.

We walked down a bunch of stairs and around the city, to get back to our hotel for a short break before dinner. Adam made reservations at Chez Rioux et Pettigrew. After a short nap, we headed out around 6:20pm. The restaurant was very close, within’ 5-10 minutes away by foot. The food was okay there, but we did enjoy our appetizer, which was a “surprise” on the menu. I believe it was smoked salmon, on a bed of some kind of vegetable puree, which tasted amazing… surrounded by asparagus, radish, peas. We tend to like surprises when it comes to food… :p


dsc_0088.jpgAfter dinner, we decided to bring the unfinished macarons with us to see the sunset. The box was filled with half eaten macarons, because I ate them all before leaving the cottage 😀 We walked up the hill near the Château Frontenac and it was pretty cold… so we didn’t stay too long. The sunset was very orange and pink… just beautiful. It was difficult to capture the beauty on our cameras.



This was the last night, before heading back home 🙂 Stayed tuned for part 5!

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