Friday June 8, 2018

I can’t remember when we woke up, but this photo was taken around 9:30am. We went to Paillard, a bakery nearby and had an almond croissant. Adam ordered a cappuccino, but it was not so good. The croissant was very good though 🙂 I wanted to see the frescoes, so we decided to walk around the Petit Champlain area, filled with small shops and restaurants.DSC_0014IMG_0573 2There were also many beautiful trees in the city. I love taking photos of nature and plants. Just look at the beautiful colours!IMG_0574

It’s amazing how people can paint something like this.

IMG_0576 2We went to Bols et Poke for lunch. They had 1 vegan option, but a lot of their bowls could be made vegan by omitting the fish. I ordered the Mahalo and Adam ordered the Le Hygge. There is a small outdoor patio near the back of the restaurant and it was just an overall cute space. I would definitely recommend visiting this place.IMG_0607 2IMG_0605 2Before dinner, we decided to go for drinks at the oldest pub, dating back to 1754. L’Oncle Antoine was situated pretty close to the restaurant we were going to eat at. I had the red sangria and it was pretty good. Adam ordered a beer and a maple whiskey shot. I can never finish a drink, so Adam basically had 3 drinks. We went to Le Lapin Saute for dinner and some of you may be asking yourselves (or not), that why is a vegan eating at a restaurant that serves rabbit!? Well, that is indeed a very good question. They had vegetarian options and Adam is not vegan, so it was a good balance. The food was also very good there. Do not judge! and yes, I did try the rabbit pate. I am not a strict vegan, so sometimes I would like to call myself a Flexitarian… although I am mostly plant-based, I do like to try new things. A lot of the restaurants in Quebec City source their ingredients from the province, mostly local and some organic.


We also checked out this beautiful library (Maison de la Littérature), which used to be a church. There is actually a small sign in the library, telling visitors not to take photos for commercial use and to not take photos of people in the library.

We decided to walk around the Château Frontenac – Okay, at this point, my story is just out of order 😐 Goes to show how horrible my memory is… I have so much to blog about the trip. So actually, we walked around this area before lunch even. My goodness.


DSC_0019DSC_0027We did a lot of walking on our 4/5 day trip, pretty much 20km each day 😀




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