Thursday June 7, 2018

I have not been to Quebec since I was in my early teenage years. My first trip to Quebec City and Montreal was when I was in elementary school. While searching for places to visit throughout the city, memories started popping up and places looked more familiar.

I decided to create yet another new blog, because I wanted a better platform to express my ideas. I am not a very good speaker, nor am I a good writer, but writing things out seem to make me feel a lot better. I am able to express myself just a little more freely. I miss blogging so much! I mostly like sharing photos with at least a paragraph or two of text. Instagram allows me to post photos, but it would be ridiculous to type up an essay with each post I make. I am also able to express myself without forcing it upon people who follow me.

I never know how much to share on my blog… should I include names of people in my life or keep it completely first person? I also don’t like referring the person I’m in a relationship with, as my “boyfriend”. I will refer to him by his name instead 🙂 Adam.

We drove around the city and we made a short stop in Varennes. We stumbled upon this beautiful church and I packed a lunch before we left, so we had a nice outdoor meal. I did notice that a lot of the churches looked similar in the construction/architecture.

I made us a vegan herb and garlic tortilla wrap, filled with baby spinach and other greens, Gardein’s vegan crusted chicken tenders, and a layer of spicy jalapeno hummus. I also baked my famous banana bread the night before. I will post the recipe here soon! It took me a couple of years to develop my personal recipe, after following many others :p

We booked an Airbnb near the heart of Old Quebec and it was a beautiful place, with a lot of character. Message me if you would like to know where we stayed.

The washroom was very cute and it led to terrace/balcony, which we did not use, but seemed very Parisian, especially with the white tub. It was not very easy to shower in though… and we did not try taking a bath in it. The colourful rugs made the place extra personal and cozy. He also had some nice art pieces hung on the walls.

We stayed there for 2 nights and decided to stay on the island of Saint-Jean-de-l’Île-d’Orléans, for 1 night. The city was very quiet in general, due to the G7 summit. Most of the locals left the city and the place was just filled with tourists. The island is quite small and you can easily drive around it. Apparently the busiest time of year for this island is from August-October, because of the delicious apples that grow in the region.

It was pretty difficult finding vegan food in the city. There were some places that offered vegan options, but not many at all. We ended up going to Chez Victor, a vegan friendly burger chain and it was not bad. I ordered the “Le Veganator” 🙂

We decided to walk around the city and grab a couple of drinks at Noctem. I rarely ever drink alcohol. My liver just does not detoxify/metabolize it quite fast enough.

The city was super quiet and some stores were closed, so we decided to head back and get some rest.

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